Web3 Developer Academy
Web3 Developer Academy
Marco Besier

Welcome, glad you're here!

Ready to get serious about Web3 development? Good. You've come to the right place!

About Me

Hi there, I'm Marco!

For most of the last decade, I spent my time researching high-energy particle physics.

In summer 2020, I finished my Ph.D. in mathematical physics and started working as a full-time software developer.

I got into Web3 in late 2018 and am, since then, a huge believer.

Since the end of 2020, I've been on the mission of teaching aspiring developers across the world the best way to build decentralized applications using the best tools, libraries, and frameworks available today. 

Why You Should Join Me

The Web3 industry has a problem...

There's a massive demand for builders, but many aspiring Web3 developers have a hard time learning how - and what - to build for the Web3 ecosystem.

In fact, new developers entering the space all experience a similar set of problems...

  • They struggle to understand how blockchains and other decentralized protocols actually work.
  • They feel overwhelmed by new buzzwords they hear and read about daily. 
  • They aren't sure which tools to pick up to get started with Web3 development.
  • They want to connect and learn with other aspiring Web3 builders to make the path to mastery a collaborative effort vs. having to solve every single problem independently.

That is why I created the Web3 Developer Academy!

In this community, we bring together aspiring Web3 developers from around the world to collaboratively master the art of full-stack dapp development so that we can

  • learn how to code our own Web3 applications,
  • get a deep understanding of the latest technology,
  • and form new relationships with interesting people from around the globe.